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How to claim your platinum points on an order

If you are a member of our Echidna Platinum Club and you have earned Platinum points from a purchase within the last 12 months, you can simply claim your rewards points at the checkout to receive a discount on your next purchase.

  1.  Add the item/s you wish to buy to your cart and proceed to the checkout
  2. If you haven’t already, login to your account on our website as instructed.
  3. At the checkout, you will see your Available account credit under the Payment details section.
    Available Platinum Points
  4. If you only wish to apply a partial amount of credit to your order simply enter in the dollar amount in the Apply credit field. If this amount is available the discount will be applied and your Grand total will be reduced by this value automatically.
    Claim Platinum Points
  5. If you wish to use all your Platinum points on your order, you can simply click on the total dollar value above the Apply credit field. This will populate the Apply credit field with the full amount and the discount will automatically be applied to your Grand total.
    Valid Coupon Success Message
  6. Complete the remaining fields on the checkout and click the Confirm to Payment button to place your order.
    Proceed to Confirm Payment