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​ The must-have bundle that includes all your essential ingredients for embroidery!

For a beginner or advanced embroiderer, this bundle valued at over $480 is all you need to complete your embroidery recipe. Keep your stash up to date and grab this incredible deal, you will use it!

  • Hemingworth 1000m - 15 Shades
  • Softlight Metallic - Soft Gold
  • Softlight Glow in Dark 800m - Orange 
  • Softlight Mercerized Cotton 3000m - White
  • Echidna Fabric Scissors - 220mm (8.75")
  • Echidna Softaway/Tearaway 20" x 10y
  • Echidna See Through Cutaway Black 20" x 10y
  • Echidna Cutaway White 20"x 10y
  • Echidna Washaway 50gsm 20" x 10y
  • Echidna Supersolve Water Soluble Topping 20" x 10y
  • Echidna Hot Melt Web 12" x 10y
  • Echidna Cover It Up iron on interfacing 20" x 2y
  • Crystal Organza White 28.5cm x 10m
  • Echidna Polyester Tulle - 20" x 25y
  • Opal Mylar 3m x 35cm sheet
  • Double Side Tape Clear 6mm
  • Double Side Tape Yellow 12mm
  • Polyester Bobbin Thread 5000m 75D/2 White
  • TNC Embroidery Needles 75/11 Pack 10
  • TNC Embroidery Needles 90/14 Pack 10

Perfect Bundle

By: Karen on 9 January 2020
This was a perfect bundle to get to try out a lot of your items, i would recommend this package for anyone especially those just starting out as it has pretty much everything in it that you could possible need and more.

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