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Echidna Polyester Bobbin Thread is made from 100% polyester filament, resulting in less bulk and a smoother backing for your designs. It is soft, lightweight and virtually lint free thread that is so fine, you'll spend less time rewinding bobbins because more thread can be wound onto each bobbin. 

  • Spool size: 5000m
  • Weight: 75D/2
  • Colour: White
  • 100% polyester filament

Barcode: 785459688183

Echnidna Polyester Bobbin Thread 75D/2 White 5000m

By: Katrina on 26 April 2022
For some reason, I am having trouble with winding this thread onto the bobbin. It has happened a number of times and I can't use the bobbin in the machine as it won't sew with it. The winding of the bobbin goes slow and sometimes even stops. I have no problems winding onto the bobbin with the Hemingworth bobbin thread.

Bobbin thread

By: Edward on 4 January 2022
Excellent thread. I have been using it in my Dream machine , 4500D and 1500D for several years

Uuuuum not so good, don't know why?

By: Ann on 12 December 2021
I purchased this to use with my new Stellaire Embroidery Only machine. It did not sew very well at all. The tension was all out of wack. Being new to the Stellaire I though it was something I was/or wasn't doing. Tried it in My Janome 12000 embroidery machine that I have as well, same result when embroidering although it seemed ok when doing straight sewing. So I tried another bobbin thread in the Stellaire and the Janome and the other one worked a treat. My conclusion was that the thread is so fine that maybe the bobbin tension needed to be adjusted for the finer thread........wasn't going there, so decided to stick with the tried and true one I already had.

Echidna Sewing Response
Hi Ann. With a new bobbin thread sometimes adjustments have to be made as the thread can be different weights. We have a video available on how to check the tension on your bobbin case, and adjust the tension to suit the thread you are using. Please feel free to reach out if you'd like more information on adjusting the tensions to suit different weight threads.

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