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Have you ever needed to stick fabric down or hold something in place like a pocket or point of a collar for embroidering? This high-tack double sided tape is just the right product for this kind of fiddly job and has been designed for computerised machine embroidery. It is extra tacky to ensure fabrics and stabilisers are held firmly in place during embroidery.

Use it to:

  • Embroider fabric without hooping—hoop the stabilizer, then apply tape around the edges outside the design to secure the fabric.
  • Prevent fabric slipping in the hoop—use on the edges and underside of the inner embroidery hoop during the embroidery process.
  • Complete all sorts of craft projects, like scrapbooking and cardmaking (acid and solvent-free).

Roll: 12mm wide x 18m long
Colour: Yellow
Tack: High
Please note: This product is not recommended for loosely woven fabrics or fabrics with a pile such as towelling.

How it is used:
Cut off a length as required and peel off one side of the protective film. Stick firmly to intended surface then peel off remaining backing film to expose tacky surface.

Tip: To remove the tape after embroidery, use your fingers with a rolling effect starting at one end. Some fabrics may be more likely to have residue remain then others, we suggest using isopropyl to remove excess residue if possible.

Compare stabilizers

Read our stabilizer guide to compare stabilizers and find out which one to use with your project.

Barcode: 7427270361106

Double sided tape

By: Bonnie on 22 March 2023
Great for holding fabric and stabilizer together.

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