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Light years beyond with the Brother Luminaire 2 Innov-is XP2

With the Luminaire 2 Innov-is XP2, you can enjoy all of the advanced features from the original Luminaire, plus brilliant new technology. The XP2 features new quilting innovations and app-based features available from your mobile devices. Sewing technology has now jumped beyond the light year scale.

Brother Luminaire 2 Innov-is XP2

StitchVision Technology

5" x 3" Projected Preview Area

If you want to achieve perfect placement of your embroidery design, use StitchVision technology. After choosing an embroidery design, select the StitchVision technology icon on the LCD screen to see your design projected on your hooped fabric. This will allow you to see a realistic preview before you begin embroidering.

Previewing your stitches before you start embroidering will help you line up designs for both sewing and embroidery. Experience more accuracy than ever!

StitchVision Technology see what you stitch on the Brother Luminaire

Guideline marker line and guideline marker grid

You also display guideline markers in single, double, angled and gridlines using the 5" x 3" virtual preview area. Use gridlines for creating multiple rows of parallel stitching, hems, pin stucks, decorative stitches, cross hatch quilting, curtain rod pockets, or smocking.

Use the projector to view your angle lines when creating mitred corners, sashing strips, Y seams, diamond cross hatching, or square corners.

Brother Luminaire XP2 Guideline Marker


With Brother's cloud-based design platform, Artspira, you can explore a universe of creative expression. You have everything you need to create in the palm of your hand, on your mobile device! Explore the latest trends, designs, projects, and customise your own designs. All are easily transferrable to your Brother Wi-Fi enabled machine.

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Brother Artspira

My Design Snap App & My Stitch Monitor

My Design Snap App & My Stitch Monitor

Through WiFi connectivity

Turn just about anything into embroidery with the My Design Snap mobile app. Select a picture of line art of an illustration from your iOS or Android device and send it directly to your machine through WiFi.

Keep track of your embroidery using My Stitch Monitor after enabling wireless LAN connectivity between your PC and the Luminaire 2. You can walk away from your machine and be notified via your iOS or Android device when you need to change threads or if your project is complete.

Dual Purpose Stylus

Make adjustments to your stitches directly on your fabric for even more accuracy than ever before with the innovative Dual Purpose Stylus. You can adjust your stitch width, length and left/right shift using the revolutionary stylus. Plus, you can now change the background colour or your preview area to white, black or grey.

The stylus is constructed of dual sides for maximum efficiency. The opposite end of the stylus features a soft tip to work on the LCD display allowing you to select, move or enhance projects directly on the screen.

Dual Purpose Stylus for Brother Luminaire 2

Enhanced InnovEye plus technology on the Brother Luminaire

Enhanced InnovEye plus technology

Wider view and faster scanning in high resolution

Achieve precision and accuracy with the InnovEye Plus Technology, giving you the ability to scan the entire embroidery area. It provides virtually endless creative options and helps take the guesswork out of your projects. It’s like having a built-in camera and scanner!

  • Live magnified image with up-close viewer
  • End point sewing function

Snowman embroidery positioning marker

This feature is paired with InnovEye Plus Technology, to automatically position designs for precise embroidery placement. Choose from 9 options for alignment of designs.

Brother Luminaire XP2 Snowman

Brother Design Database Transfer App

Easily manage your embroidery data and wirelessly send it to your sewing machine with this PC-based application.

  • Browse and manage your embroidery data using the thumbnails displayed in the viewer
  • Search for a design easily using the search conditions; such as the design size, file format or total number of thread colours.
  • The following formats can be transferred to your machine: .pes, .phc, .phx, .dst, .pen
Brother Design Database Transfer App

Easy-to-view embroidery pointer on the Brother Luminaire

Easy-to-view embroidery pointer

See your needle drop position

A built-in embroidery pointer is shown on your fabric. You have three colour choices for your pointer to ensure visibility, no matter the colour of your fabric. Using this feature, it eliminates the need to mark fabric with messy chalk. The pointer can show both the center of your embroidery design and the needle drop position on the fabric.


Disney is in our DNA

The Luminaire 2 has the magic of 192 built-in Disney & Pixar embroidery designs and 10 decorative Disney sewing stitches.

From classical to modern day Disney and Pixar characters, the XP2 features a library of adorable designs so you can personalise your projects and add that extra touch of charm.

Disney Embroidery Machine with over 192 Disney Designs on the Brother Luminaire 2

Large 10.1” HD LCD Touch screen display with capacitive technology

With familiar sliding, swiping, scrolling and pinch-to-zoom features, this simple and intuitive 10.1” capacitive touch screen works like a tablet. The user interface offers large, defined crystal-clear icons and colour navigation for easy viewing.

Large 10.1” HD LCD Touch screen XP2 Luminaire


Built-in instructional manual and tutorial videos

The built-in HD tutorials make learning easy! You can view over 40 tutorial videos or stream your own creations using the industry standard MP4 format.

Zoom and adjustment features

Watch your creations become larger than life as you view them in crisp, vivid colour and use the zoom function of up to 1600% within My Design Center, and up to 400% in other modes. Easily adjust your design by rotating in 0.1 degree increments.

Enhanced LED Lighting

With the enhanced machine lighting, more brilliant than ever before, your projects will radiate. The powerful, high-colour LED lighting will keep your workspace bright and clear with less shading to make it easier on your eyes and keep your focus on your project. Control the brightness to your liking with five different settings including an “off” mode to find your ideal level.

Expansive Workspace and Embroidery Area

13.1” needle to arm. 65 square inches of workspace on the Luminaire 2

13.1” needle to arm. 65 square inches of workspace. 

You can easily achieve projects of a larger size with the powerful combination of the 65 square inch workspace - the largest of any Brother machine - and the generous 13” needle to arm span. The largest needle to arm gives you the ability to easily accommodate a rolled king-size quilt and is a dream for any sewer, embroiderer, crafter or quilter.

Large 10 ⅝” x 16” (272mm x 408mm) Frame extra large embroidery area on the Brother Luminaire 2

Large 10 ⅝” x 16” (272mm x 408mm) Frame

Spring lever release - NO CLAMPS NEEDED

This machine features the largest frame that Brother currently offers with a size of 10 ⅝” x 16” (272mm x 408mm). Constructed with an inventive Spring Lever Release for ease of use and efficient rubber plates on both sides of the inner frame, it will hold your fabric securely. You won’t ever use clamps again!

Maximum embroidery field: 272mm x 408mm (10⅝" x 16")

The advanced AccuTrac embroidery system has been engineered for superior stitch quality and enhanced to offer more embroidery arm support in both horizontal and vertical directions.

Quiltbroidery Brother Luminaire 2 quilting pattern embroidery


Are you an embroiderer who wants to dip their toes in quilting or a quilter who wants to dabble in embroidery? The Luminaire 2 features give options of two colour quilting sash designs, perfect for astounding, vibrant borders. On top of the excitement of auto-split designs, you can enjoy five hexagon shapes to offer more options and then choose from either single or triple stitch for quilt sashing, to let your stitches stand out on your projects.

Brother Luminaire XP2 Built-in Hexagon shapes

Built-in hexagon shapes for auto split-sash

Five hexagon shapes that give you more options for your embroidery/quilting projects!

Brother Luminaire XP2 Two-colour sash designs

Two-colour quilting sash designs

Expand your creative output by selecting from five two-colour quilting sash designs - perfect for eye-catching, colourful borders.

Brother Luminaire XP2 Triple Stitch

Triple stitch options for quilting sash patterns

Choose from either single or triple stitch for quilt sashing giving more thickness to your stitches so they stand out on your project.

Brother Luminaire XP2 One-action release needle plate

One-action release needle plate

Simply press the lever to switch plates for sewing or quilting. The needle plate also features angled lines for placement of fabric pieces.

Brother Luminaire XP2 Auto-split of large quilting sashes

Auto-split of large quilting sashes

Easily connect your patterns for beautiful quilt borders! Just choose the size of your border and the size of your hoop, and the Luminaire 2 XP2 will automatically split the designs in multiple hoopings. Or, use the Brother-exclusive Hoopnetic Magnetic Sash Frame to simply slide the fabric to the next area to be embroidered.

Brother Luminaire XP2 Hoopnetic Magnetic Sash Frame

Patent-pending Brother-exclusive hoopnetic magnetic sash frame

Hoop thick materials with ease. Avoid fabric shifting and the need to rehoop the fabric when connecting designs or embroidering large areas. Just slide the fabric on the frame for the next area to be embroidered. Perfect for quilts! (This accessory is an optional purchase)

Brother Luminaire XP2 MuVit Digital Dual Feed

MuVit digital dual feed system

Feeding fabric has never been smoother! Powerfully feed fabric from the top and bottom, and sew precise, uniform stitches on a range of fabrics!

Brother Luminaire XP2 Echo Quilting

Echo quilting

Add creative and supple ripple effects to your embroidery designs. Surround any embroidery design with beautiful decorative stitches that can enhance any project.

Brother Luminaire XP2 Foldable Spool Thread

Foldable spool thread

With the flip of the lid, the Luminaire 2 XP2 becomes its own workspace with the addition of a magnetic two-spool foldable thread stand where you can add king thread spools for those big projects!

Brother Luminaire XP2 Needle point projection

Needle point projection for free-motion quilting

A better way to guide your free-motion quilting, the projected drop light places a pinpoint projection directly where your needle drops on the fabric. This gives you precise placement for every stitch.

Brother Luminaire XP2 Hand Quilting Stitches in 3 lengths

Hand quilting stitches in 3 lengths- Sashiko style

A “hand type” quilting stitch that creates the effect of hand sewing only with forward-motion stitches. This gives greater control for cornering and echoing of quilt designs and blocks.

Brother Luminaire XP2 My Design Center

My Design Center

Custom draw | Stippling

Paired with the industry-first InnovEye Plus Technology, My Design Center offers design capabilities, all without a PC. Create custom works of art by drawing or doodling directly on the LCD screen and watch it come to life.

Use the industry-first ScanImation Scanning Frame to scan drawings, line art, printed clip art of handwriting and have it transformed into embroidery data. Or, import and JPEG using the USB port and watch in awe as the image is converted into stitch data using just the machine.

  1. Scan it
  2. Convert it
  3. Embroider it

Decorative fill options

Enjoy more designs with 42 decorative fill options inspired by geometric shapes, basket weaves, leaves and bubbles, all available in Brother's exclusive My Design Center.

Brother Luminaire XP2 Decorative Fill
Brother Luminaire XP2 Decorative Fill
Brother Luminaire XP2 Decorative Fill
Brother Luminaire XP2 Decorative Fill

Dual king spool thread stand on the Brother Luminaire XP2

Dual king spool thread stand

Open the top cover to easily attach the included magnetic Dual King Spool Thread Stand. This space saving innovative stand helps ensure proper thread delivery as well as prevent broken stitches and uneven tension.

Spring Level Release on the Brother Luminaire XP2

Spring Level Release

This thoughtfully designed feature allows for quick needle plate changes without the use of a screwdriver. No need to remove your extension table, embroidery unit or accessory tray - saving you time and effort for a seamless sewing experience.

Built-in embroidery designs on the Brother Luminaire XP2


Built-in embroidery designs and sewing stitches

Let your imagination and creativity run wild with the extensive library of over 1,100 built-in embroidery designs, including Disney, Anna Aldmon, Zundt, ZenTangle and Pierre Joseph Redoute.

  • 192 built-in Disney & Pixar embroidery designs
  • 1,322 built-in embroidery designs
  • 670 decorative stitches including 10 Disney sewing stitches

Enhanced thread colour palettes

The already generous thread colour palette has been enhanced with the addition of Iris, Floriani, Pacesetter Pro, and Polyfast brands.

Colour shuffling 3 function for even more colour possibilities

Love a certain colour scheme? Not sure how to combine colours? Use the pin function in Random and Gradient modes to ensure your favorite colours are included in your shuffle. Now, enjoy even more options with our enhanced colour palettes.

Brother Luminaire XP2 Colour Shuffling

Random Mode

Brother Luminaire XP2 Colour Shuffling

Gradient Mode

Fast embroidery completion speeds

With speeds up to 1,050 stitches per minute, you can enjoy embroidery speeds comparable to a 10-needle embroidery machine.

Camera detecting buttonhole feature

Need to create a buttonhole for a shirt, jacket or blouse? InnovEye Plus Technology can detect the position of the buttonhole foot and automatically create the correct size buttonhole up to 47mm.

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Want to compare this model's features with other machines? Take a look at Brother's Comparison Chart of luxury combination machines here →

Brother Luminaire XP2 Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Brother Luminaire XP2 Sewing & Embroidery Machine

What's in the box

  • Zig Zag foot
  • Monogramming foot
  • Overcasting foot
  • Zipper foot
  • Buttonhole foot
  • Buttonhole foot stabilizer
  • Blind stitch foot
  • Button fitting foot
  • Dual feed foot
  • Regular dual feed foot
  • Straight stitch foot
  • Free motion quilting foot
  • Free motion echo quilting foot
  • Free motion open toe quilting foot
  • Embroidery foot
  • 1/4" quilting foot with guide
  • Screw (small)
  • Needle set
  • Twin needle
  • Ball point needle set
  • Bobbin x 10
  • Embroidery frame 100mm x 100mm
  • Embroidery frame 180mm x 130mm
  • Embroidery frame 272mm x 272mm
  • Embroidery frame 408mm x 272mm
  • Scanning frame
  • Magnet x 6
  • Embroidery bobbin thread
  • Couching dual feed foot
  • Yarn guide for sewing couching
  • Embroidery couching foot
  • Yarn guide for embroidery couching
  • Yarn threader
  • End point stickers
  • Multi-function foot control
  • White calibration stickers
  • Stabilizer material
  • Grid sheet set
  • Dual purpose stylus
  • Dual purpose stylus holder
  • Accessory case
  • Seam ripper
  • Scissors
  • Cleaning brush
  • Eyelet punch
  • Screwdriver (small)
  • Screwdriver (large)
  • Multi-purpose screwdriver
  • Spool cap (small)
  • Spool cap (medium) x 2
  • Spool cap (large)
  • Thread spool insert
  • Spool stand
  • Bobbin clip x 10
  • Spool felt
  • Spool net x 2
  • Embroidery needle plate cover
  • Knee lifter
  • Alternate bobbin case
  • Standard bobbin case
  • Straight stitch needle plate
  • Cord guide bobbin cover
  • Bobbin cover
  • Bobbin cover (with mark)

Brother Warranty

Brother XP2 Warranty
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Brother XP2 - Computerised Single Needle Sewing and Embroidery Machine with Disney

Basic Features | Embroidery Features | Quilting Features | Sewing Features


Basic Features

Accessory Storage Yes
Additional Specialty Feet Available Yes
Adjustable Presser Foot Pressure Yes
Adjustable Screen Brightness Yes
Automatic Thread Cutter Yes
Branded Series Disney
Built-in Languages Yes
Built-In Memory Yes
Display Type LCD
Feed Dog Points 7
Included Accessory Feet 1/4 Inch Foot, Camera Detecting Buttonhole Foot, Dual Feed (Digital Dual Feed) Foot, Straight Stitch Foot, Free-Motion Echo Quilting Foot, Button Fitting Foot, Couching Dual Feed Foot, Free-Motion Open Toe Quilting Foot, Zipper Foot, Overcasting Foot, Blindstich Foot, Monogramming Foot, Zigzag Foot, Embroidery Foot, Free-Motion Quilting Foot
LCD Display Size (W" x H") 5.3" x 8.5"
Memory Card Reader Yes
Needle Position Key (Up/Down) Yes
Needle Threading System Automatic
Presser Foot Leveling Yes
Quick Set Bobbin Yes
Realistic Preview Yes
Screensaver Yes
Specialty Feet Included Yes
Stitch Selector Type Touch Panel
Thread Sensor Bobbin Sensor, Upper Thread Sensor
Thread Sensor On/Off Yes
UL/CSA Listed Yes
Wide Table Included No
Workspace Area 5" x 13.1"

Embroidery Features

Adjustable Design Icon Size Setting Yes
Adjustable Embroidery Speed Settings Yes
Appliqué Creator Function Yes
Automatic Feed Thread Cutting Yes
Built-In Alphabet Fonts 24
Built-In Designs 1322
Built-in Embroidery Designs featuring Disney/Pixar Characters 192
Built-in Embroidery Lettering Alphabet Fonts 24
Color Shuffling Function Yes
Computer Connectivity Yes
Curved Text on Screen Editing Yes
Drag and Drop Editing Yes
Embroidery Position Marker Yes
Frame Designs - Shapes 10
Frame Designs - Stiches 14
Included Embroidery Hoops 4" x 4", 5" x 7", 10 5/8” x 16”, 10 5/8" x 10 5/8"
Maximum Embroidery Area (mm) 272mm x 408mm
Maximum Embroidery Area (inches) 10 5/8” x 16”
InnovEye Technology Yes
Maximum Embroidery Speed (spm) 1050
Maximum Zoom (%) 1600
My Custom Design Feature Yes
Onscreen Automatic Density Adjustment Yes
On-Screen Editing Yes
On-Screen Help Yes
Pattern Rotating Increments 0.1 Degree, 1 Degree, 10 Degrees, 90 Degrees
Print and Stitch Technology Yes
Programmable Monochrome Embroidery Yes
Resume Function Yes
Sewing Decorative Stitches with Embroidery Arm Attached Yes
Space Reduction among Embroidery Alphabets Yes
Speed Adjustment Yes
Thread Anchor Yes
Thread Wiper Yes
Trial Position/Layout Function Yes


Built-In Quilting Stitches Yes
Built-in Sewing Lettering Fonts 3
Drop-Feed Automatic
Free Motion Quilting Foot Yes
Included Quilting Feet Yes

Sewing Features

Automatic Height Adjustment (AHA) Yes
Back to Beginning Key Yes
Built-In Stitch Selections (Puntadas) 824
Button Hole Styles 15
Independent Bobbin Winding Motor Yes
Knee Lifter Yes
Maximum Sewing Speed (Puntadas por minuto) 1050
Multi-Directional Sewing Yes
My Custom Stitch Feature Yes
Pivot Function Yes
Reinforcement/reverse Stitches Yes
Sideways Sewing Yes
Speed Control Yes
Stitch Length (mm) 5
Stitch Width (mm) 7
SKU XP2_Options
Brand Brother
Max Stitch Width 7mm
Sewing Basting Stitch Included Yes
Embroidery Basting Stitch Included Yes
Shipping Weight 43.0000kg
Shipping Width 0.890m
Shipping Height 0.730m
Shipping Length 0.630m
Shipping Cubic 0.409311000m3
Products available
XP2 Brother XP2 Machine Only
Brother embroidery and sewing machine warranty echidna sewing

Brother Australia Innov-is warranty:

3 year on mechanical parts
5 years on electrical and electronic parts

Thank you to the wonderful staff at Echidna Sewing

By: Debra on 6 May 2021
Thank you to the wonderful staff at Echidna Sewing Capalaba. A HUGE thank you to Garry for your time and your wealth of knowledge! First impressions played a big part later when purchasing my Luminaire. Only a few weeks prior to buying my machine I enjoyed a fun filled morning in a full class taken by Gary and Rachel. We each had a Luminaire to work with for a hands on experience. It was a ton of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed myself!! On the day of my purchase there was a lovely lady, a customer who appeared as excited about my purchase as I was. I can’t recall her name but her enthusiasm made the day even more exciting. A shout out to her for sharing some of her own tips ☺️. She even made a great coffee supplied by Echidna Sewing leading up to finalising my purchase. People are amazing.

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