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This generic 150 mm x 150 mm (6" x 6") square embroidery hoop is an ideal size to use when embroidering on clothing, quilt squares and many other projects. Also ideal to use when embroidering the decorative lettering built into certain machines.

The large lettering built into these models will fit perfectly within this hoop, when embroidered singly, without the built-in decorative frames. The smaller decorative lettering built into these models fits perfectly within this hoop, with room to include the built-in decorative frames around your lettering.

Suitable for Brother models: 

  • Luminaire XP1, XP2, XP3
  • Stellaire XJ1, XE1
  • Dream Machine XV8550D, XV8500D
  • Essence VM5200, VE2300
  • Dream VM6200D, VM5100, VE2200
  • Quattro NV6750D, NV6700D, NV6000D
  • Innov-is NQ3700D, NQ3500D, NV2700, NV2600, NV880E, NV800E

Great to have on hand as a spare, and as this is a generic-branded hoop it is considerably cheaper than the Brother-branded 150 x 150 mm hoop. 

Barcode: S16T00026H

Goes on machine with ease

By: Rosemary J on 26 March 2023
Love this size.. it's brilliant

150 x150 hoop

By: Glenda on 22 July 2020
Great size, very versatile for the hard to get to spots

150x150 embroidery hoop

By: nola j on 14 July 2020
like all brother embroidery hoops, this is another good one.

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