This generic 100 mm x 100 mm (4" x 4") square embroidery hoop is an ideal size to use when embroidering on clothing, quilt squares and many other projects. Also ideal for embroidering the decorative lettering built into certain machines.

This versatile embroidery hoop is perfect for medium-sized motifs and logo designs. 

Suitable for Brother models: 

  • Luminaire XP1, XP2
  • Stellaire XJ1, XE1
  • Dream Machine XV8550D, XV8500D
  • Essence VM5200, VE2300
  • Dream VM6200D, VM5100, VE2200
  • Quattro NV6750D, NV6700D, NV6000D
  • Innov-is NV4500D, NV4000D, NV4000, NQ3500D, NV2600, NV800E, NV1500D

Great to have on hand as a spare and as this is a generically branded hoop, it is considerably cheaper than the Brother-branded 100 x 100 mm hoop.

Barcode: S16T00016H

Generic 100mm x100mm Slide on Frame & Sheet

By: Susan on 18 September 2021
Great product


By: Cherie on 28 August 2020
does what I want it to do

100x100 hoop to suit 1500D, 4000D, 4500D, V-Series

By: Patricia on 26 June 2020
I purchased a second 100x100hoop for my Innovis 1500D and have used the new hoop, but found it slightly different to the Brother one in the mechanism to tighten the hoop once you have fabric in it is slightly different. The Brother had an extra piece on the locking screw which made it easier, however, once I get the hang of this one I have purchased will be fine. The hoop works really well and it is good to have that spare hoop. Trish Tonkin

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