This generic 200 mm x 200 mm (8x8”) square embroidery hoop will fit the Brother Quattro and Dream Machine

Clearly marked acrylic reference grid is included.

Suitable for Brother models: 

  • Luminaire XP1, XP2
  • Stellaire XJ1, XE1
  • Dream Machine XV8550D, XV8500D
  • Essence VM5200, VE2300
  • Dream VM6200D, VM5100, VE2200 (UGKV1AP Upgrade needed)
  • Quattro NV6750D, NV6700D, NV6000D

This generic-branded hoop it is considerably cheaper than the Brother-branded 200 x 200 mm hoop.


Barcode # S16T00024H
Shipping Weight 0.4200kg

Embroidery hoop Quattro 200mm x 200mm

By: Julie on 1 July 2020
Love it great for those bigger projects


By: Margaret on 29 October 2019
Hoop great but it as well as the others that came with new machine are very tight to put in and out of the embroidery arm. In otherwords it is not that easy to put hoops or take hoops out of the embroidery arm/

200x200 hoop

By: Suzanne on 23 October 2019
Save so much stabiliser, great size, wanted the 240x240 but wasn't available, will check later if I still need it

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