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Siser's EasyPSV® Patterns are pre-designed adhesive vinyl that can be used for various long-lasting projects. These vinyl patterns are sturdy enough to endure outdoor weather conditions like rainfall and sun exposure, making them perfect for creating window decals, porch signs, picture frames, and more. You can personalize your belongings with your name or any design of your choice using EasyPSV patterns, which can last up to 3-5 years. The permanent adhesive and smooth, glossy finish of these patterns can transform any hard surface into a masterpiece.

Siser EasyPSV Adhesive Project

EasyPSV Patterns apply to:

EasyPSV Patterns applications

Application Instructions

  1. Place EasyPSV™ with the liner side down and cut your design. (DO NOT reverse/mirror your design)
  2. Weed excess vinyl.
  3. Remove the application tape’s paper liner and place tape on top of EasyPSV.
  4. Burnish with a squeegee.
  5. Lift the application tape and EasyPSV away from the paper liner.
  6. Place the application tape on your desired object in its desired position.
  7. Burnish with a squeegee to fully adhere the design.
  8. Gently peel away the application tape, leaving just your EasyPSV design on the object.

Cutting settings

Settings may vary based on blade condition and age of machine. Always perform a test cut prior to cutting designs.

Brother ScanNCut

Brother ScanNCut
  • Blade: Standard or Vinyl Auto Blade
  • Cut speed: Auto
  • Cut pressure: Auto
  • Setting: Half Cut


  • Blade: Standard
  • Setting: Vinyl

Silhouette Cameo

  • Blade: Standard, 2
  • Material: Vinyl, Glossy
  • Speed: 7
  • Force: 9
Brand Siser
Products available
S-EPPSV-CG Camo Green Siser EasyPSV Patterns 30x50cm
S-EPPSV-IG Infinite Galaxy Siser EasyPSV Patterns 30x50cm
S-EPPSV-JA Jambo Siser EasyPSV Patterns 30x50cm
S-EPPSV-J Jubilee Siser EasyPSV Patterns 30x50cm
S-EPPSV-LT Leopard Tan Siser EasyPSV Patterns 30x50cm
S-EPPSV-OW Ocean Waves Siser EasyPSV Patterns 30x50cm
S-EPPSV-SG Sunset Gradient Siser EasyPSV Patterns 30x50cm
S-EPPSV-WR Watercolour Rainbow Siser EasyPSV Patterns 30x50cm


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