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For those in need of a strong adhesive to prevent vinyl peeling during crafting projects, this product is the perfect solution. Its high-tack formula is suitable for use on flat or slightly curved surfaces, including those that are typically challenging to adhere to. Despite its strength, this vinyl remains malleable and easy to handle and weed. Furthermore, it is renowned for its ability to remain flat once applied.

We recommend the use of thicker fonts and advise some shrinkage may occur.


  • High Tack Permanent Adhesive
  • Durability
  • Great for signs and graphics
  • Great for challenging surfaces such as canoes
Brand Vinyl Bling Craft Styling
Products available
SUB440GR High Tack Adhesive Vinyl 30x100cm - White Gloss
SUB440MR High Tack Adhesive Vinyl 30x100cm - White Matt

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