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These fluorescent films are sure to catch everybody's eye! They're bright for daylight visibility, while the reflective quality also provides safety and high visibility at night.

If you're looking to make your designs stand out in daylight and in the dark, these fluorescent films are a must-use. This vinyl is soft and easy to weed, so you can make those detailed and intricate projects with little fuss.

StyleTech Craft's fluorescent vinyl films are high gloss, and designed for use in marine, automotive, RV, and tons of other indoor and general signage applications! Durability is 5 years for indoor use and approximately 6 months outdoors.

Styletech Fluoro Adhesive Vinyl

Application advice:

All fluorescent pigments will typically fade when exposed to sunlight. These films, as such, are recommended for short-term applications only when used outdoors for less than one year.

It is recommended that you test the application of your vinyl on your desired surface or substrate prior to the actual application.

Brand Styletech
Products available
ST-F06 Fluoro Green 30x30cm Styletech Adhesive Vinyl
ST-F04 Fluoro Orange 30x30cm Styletech Adhesive Vinyl
ST-F01 Fluoro Pink 30x30cm Styletech Adhesive Vinyl
ST-F05 Fluoro Red 30x30cm Styletech Adhesive Vinyl

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