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Equivalent Stabilizers: Kimberbell to Echidna

Use the chart below to find out which Echidna stabilizers are the equivalent to Kimberbell's products. If you've got Kimberbell projects to complete which require their stabilizers, use this chart to see the equivalent from our range so you can stock up on Echidna stabilizers. 

Kimberbell Stabilizer Kimberbell SKU Echidna Stabilizer Echidna SKU
Light Tear-away KDST100, KDST101, KDST102 Echidna Medium Softaway/Tearaway E-SOFTAWAY
Medium Tear-away KDST103, KDST104, KDST105 Echidna Medium Softaway/Tearaway E-SOFTAWAY
Heavy Tear-away KKDST107, KDST108, KDST109 Echidna Medium Softaway/Tearaway E-SOFTAWAY
Sticky-Back Tear-Away KDST106, KDST136, KDST137 Filmoplast Filmoplast-Options
Ultralight Mesh Cut-away KDST110 Echidna See Through Cutaway E-SeeThrough
Light Mesh Cut-away KDST111, KDST112, KDST113 Echidna See Through Cutaway E-SeeThrough
Medium Cut-away KDST114, KDST115, KDST116 Echidna Medium Cutaway E-Cutaway
Heavy Cut-away KDST117, KDST118, KDST119 Echidna Medium Cutaway E-Cutaway
Wash-Away KDST120, KDST121, KDST122 Echidna Washaway Stabilizer E-Washaway
Wash-Away Sticky-Back KDST123, KDST124 No equivalent available
Silky Soft Fusible Backing KDST125 Echidna Cover It Up Iron On Interfacing E-COVER2
Fusible Backing KDST126, KDST127 Shape to Create STC004
Fusible Peel & Stick KDST128 No equivalent available
Embroidery Topping Multipack KDST129 No equivalent available
Shape Form Interfacing KDST131 Stiff Specialty Felt E-SSF-White
Flexi Foam KDST132 Double sided Fusible Foam M4200
Wash-Away Topping KDST133 SuperSolv E-Supersolve
Iron-Away Topping KDST135 Echidna Light Heataway E-HeatawayLight
Kimberbell Project Batting KDST138 Battilizer M2000B