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Featuring all you need to complete successful weeding with ease, this Vinyl Weeding Kit is an essential if you're an avid cutting craft lover. This kit includes a weeding tool, spatula, scraper, and scrap collector.

Experience smooth and troublefree weeding with these handy tools. The vinyl scraper will get rid of any unsightly bubbles or folds on your material while applying it to the mat, and it also helps it stick better. After cutting, you can lift your projects from the cutting mat without causing damage or creases with the vinyl spatula tool. Use the weeding tool to save you time and simplify weeding with its sharp tip and comfortable handle. Even the most intricate and delicate weeding tasks can be accomplished more easily with this tool, allowing you to be more productive. To top it off, the scrap collector allows for convenient disposal of scrap vinyl. The soft silicone material ensures that delicate weeder tools remain free from damage and scratches, and makes cleaning a breeze. Simply dispose of any weeding scraps in the scrap collector and empty as needed.

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