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Heat Transfer Vinyl - How To Guides

Heat transfer media is designed to move with fabric so it is the perfect media to add some personalisation to a garment and is suitable for most items made of fabric.

Transfer media is typically made up of 3 layers; a clear protective backing, the coloured media and a heat activated fabric adhesive layer. When cutting transfer media on the ScanNCut, the blade should only slice through the coloured layer and the fabric adhesive layer, leaving the clear backing intact to hold the design in place.

Fabric transfer media is cut from the back side of the media, so make sure the clear protective backing is facing down when applying to the mat and the design is mirrored.

NOTE: If applied correctly, an item with heat fabric transfer media is washable at 60°C and suitable for dry-cleaning. Textiles should be washed inside out and are NOT suitable for tumble drying.

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