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One of the most challenging aspects of transferring designs onto clothing is ensuring they are straight and centered. Although one can eventually do this by eye, rulers can save time and guarantee a perfect outcome from the start.

These rulers are especially useful for aligning sublimation, HTV, Adhesive Vinyl, Heat Pressing, Screen Printing, and other methods. They are easy to use and can help align designs to the left, center, or right, thereby saving time and effort. To use them, simply place the appropriate size ruler at the shirt collar and use the marks to center the transfer before pressing.

These flexible and durable rulers have inch marks on both sides, making measurements easier and more accurate, allowing for the precise alignment of designs on various sizes of T-shirts and other round-collared clothing.

Please note: Ensure you remove the ruler before applying heat to your garment as it will risk them melting.

Barcode: 7427270362790

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