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SmartBoard Smart Series with unique Dynamic Active Tracking is the ultimate protection to protect your electronic equipment. It is the most comprehensive and advanced solution with features to secure your assets.

Dynamic Active Tracking is a premium filter technology with the best chance of 'cleaning' electrical noise as it shields around 40% more frequencies when compared to other filters.

Not only does the Smart Brain protect from surges, it filters and cleans electrical frequency noise to give you an incredible, unbeatable quality of sound and video. It can also improve internet connection and reduce dropouts. It's great for speakers, TV, computers, printers and scanners and your sewing or embroidery machine. 

  •  8 protected outlets
  • Dynamic active tracking
  • Up to 300k for connected equipment warranty
  • 1 nano second reaction time
  • 1.8m cable length
  • 3 isolated banks
  • Data/voice
  • Fire retardent
  • Aerial protection
  • 2 large plug adaptors
  • 6 year replacement warranty
  • 350mm(L) x 45mm(H) x 140mm(W)
  • Supply voltage 240/V AC 50/Hz

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