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Schmetz Overlock Needles are designed for use with multi-purpose overlocker/coverstitch machines that perform overlock, cover, safety and mocksafety stitches. 

Schmetz Overlock Chrome Needles feature a long groove on both the front and back as well as a slightly larger scarf and light ball point. The chrome finish aids in slipping through the fabric, whilst also reducing heat and wear, giving the needle a longer life.

For use with: Multi-purpose overlocker/coverstitch machines

Quantity: Five (5) needles per card. 

Brand Schmetz
Products available
NE1097C Schmetz Chrome Finish Overlocker Needles Size 90/14
NE1097H Schmetz Overlocker Needles Size 80/12
NE1097AH Schmetz Overlocker Needles Size 90/14

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