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Schmetz Ballpoint needles feature a medium ballpoint designed to displace the fabric's loops and prevent material damage during stitching. They are ideal for sewing on knits as they do not break knitted fibers, and some stretch fabrics.

  • Various needle sizes available; size of the needle should be adapted to the material.
  • Quantity: 5 needles per card
  • Coating: Nickel
  • Point shape: Medium ball point
  • Color marking: Orange

Suitable for:

  • Ajour, cotton knitwear, bouclé, lycra, knitted fabrics, corsetry fabrics, sweatshirt fabric, faux fur
  • Gauze, jersey, tulle
  • Imitation fur (funfur), reversible
Brand Schmetz
Products available
NE1059H Schmetz Ballpoint/Jersey Needles Assorted Sizes
NE1056H Schmetz Ballpoint/Jersey Needles Size 70/10
NE1057H Schmetz Ballpoint/Jersey Needles Size 80/12
NE1058H Schmetz Ballpoint/Jersey Needles Size 90/14

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