Echidna Computer Support


Having software or computer problems? Sometimes they can be very difficult to fix without us being right in front of the computer. However, thanks to some amazing new technology we can view and control your computer over the internet.

It’s easy, secure and safe:


  • We can only connect when you allow us.
  • We can only see what’s currently on your screen
  • You can stop the session at any time.

To Get Support

Step 1

First of all, call us on 1800 000 360. We’ll get one of our software experts to discuss the problem. If they want to connect to your computer, continue with the steps below.

Step 2

The service we use to connect to your computer is called Click the button below to download the program.


Start Download

You may need to click “Open” or “Run” if prompted, then open the downloaded file.

Step 3

Click Start and then read out the 9-digit code which is displayed.


Computer Support