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Latest Updates


Improve features on the following machines with the latest updates!


How to Update your Machine


If you're after the latest Brother updates and support for your sewing or embroidery machine, software or home cutting machines then please read through this page carefully. 


Updates and Support

First you need to find out the model number, which will be displayed on the front of your machineOnce you have located this you can now download the latest update or user manual. 



For Machine updates follow the instructions, first selecting your Operating System. 


Brother Updates


It will then provide you with the latest version to download. (Image below provided as an example only)

Software Update


If you're unaware of what version your machine is currently at, download the update and follow the instructions provided by Brother (on the next page) to check what version you have installed on your machine. The Brother instructions will help identify whether you need to install it or not. 


If you do need to install it, simply follow the step-by-step instructions. There's a print option available so you can read through it at your machine. 


Brother Software - Check Updates

PE Design Software Updates


If you own software your updates should automatically download and install. If not, you're either not connected to the web or you may have selected 'No' when your program alerted you to the latest download. To check if you have the latest update installed simply open your program and click on the blue icon under the exit button (see image on right) and select "Check for Updates". This will install the latest version for you.


Recent Brother Updates


PRS100  - Version 1.2 - Adding extra keys for easier embroidery positioning management.  


PE-Design 10 - Version 10.11 - Providing updates to Layout and Editing functions for Photo Stitch Wizard, Applique Wizard and more.