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Each spool contains 1000 metres of hi-sheen, soft and supple polyester embroidery thread with a brilliant lustre. This exceptional world-class product is not only vibrant and glossy, but strong and colourfast for superb stitching. Hemingworth thread is suitable for stitching machine embroidery designs and built-in decorative machine stitches.

Optional spool, cap and stopper system available. This system:

  • Preserves thread quality by blocking dust, oil and other harmful elements from reaching the thread
  • Has a removable stopper which traps the thread, preventing unraveling and tangling while the thread isn't in use
  • Has a protective cap which delivers the thread smoothly off the spool during embroidery
  • Offers a wide range of strong, vibrant, 100% colourfast threads
  • Allows the thread to be positioned in multiple directions with a smooth feed every time.

Royal Blue

  • Colour number: 1203
  • Shelf position: 46
  • SKU: H-046-1203

Barcode: 843219012033

Favourite thread

By: Lisa on 24 January 2023
Unlike threads in the traditional spools, I find the Hemmingworth ones don’t tend to get stuck on the spool. So not many thread breakages with this thread. The clear plastic cover is great for storing these threads in my sewing draw. I now have a draw full of these threads standing up for easy identification with no worries of dust due to their cover.

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