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Echidna hot melt film is a clear heat-set film you can iron onto an embroidered design, making it ideal for badge-making. Simply cut a template of your embroidered design from the hot melt film. Place the clear side of the hot melt film template on the back of the design. Using a dry iron set at a high temperature, iron the paper side (using a firm pressure), until the film melts into the back of the design.

Remove the paper once the design cools. Then iron your design (badge), into place (place a Teflon sheet or similar over your design to avoid melting the stitches or scorching the design.)

Roll size: 12 inch x 5 yard (30cm x 4.5m)
Colour: Paper backed clear film

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Barcode: 785459687780

Echidna Hot Melt Film For Badges

By: Denise on 2 February 2023
I purchased this to make badges/patches but as yet have not tried it out as I have been finishing off some other projects but once I do get going with badges/patches, I will up-date you

Hot Melt Film

By: Lorraine on 20 October 2022
Outstanding product, stays stuck, easy to use, wouldn't be without it,

Hot melt film,

By: Tricia on 29 May 2020
I bought this to use to stick the badges on beannies for the charity sew for night ninjis. It's really easy to use and stuck very well. I have found several other things that I can use it for i.e. patches on kids pants, favourite characters cut from fabric and stuck to hats, shirt, pants and even undies. It is a bit smelly so use in a well ventilated room.

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