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Perfect for securing & labelling your stabilizer!

Our Echidna Slap Band is a great gadget for labelling and securing your rolls of stabilizer. With ample space on a 30cm white strip of silicone, you can customise it to your liking by writing on it with a pen or adding a label. 

The slap band is strong and flexible and wraps around your stabilizer roll, securing it from unravelling and making it easier to store. 

Slap Band Stabilizer Label

By: June on 7 July 2022
It does a great job, I need a few more now.

Slap Band Stabilizer Label

By: Helen on 29 September 2021
Too large for cotton reels which is what I wanted it for

Echidna Sewing Response
Hi Helen, We do carry a product called Thread Huggers which may be more suitable for you. Here is a link

Slab Band Label

By: John on 28 April 2021
How good are these!!!!!!! At last three tidy rolls of Stabilizer. When you've finished cutting SLAP and the roll is held tight with its label of the type of Stabilizer it is, as you are able to write it on the slap band. So helpful if those rolls of paper that we roll up and stick into the tube falls out or go missing I intend to purchase some more.

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