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The Sewing Revolution Extension Wedge 5/7 (to be used in conjunction with The Sewing Revolution 5/7). The extension wedge fits onto the edge of the sewing revolution and extends the working area for design placement out to in diameter. It is an absolute must have when designing embroidery layouts for tablecloths, quilt centres and larger projects involving multiple embroidery placement.

Please note: There are two different types of extension wedges; this one, which is for the 5/7 Sewing Revolution and one for the Sewing Revolution 6/8. These are not interchangeable between the two types of sewing revolutions i.e. the 5/7 can not be used with the 6/8 Extension Wedge.

The extension wedge lives up to the theme behind all of the innovative products from The Sewing Revolution Pty Ltd and that is; to save time, effort and frustration—with perfect placement of embroidery designs. Instruction sheet included.

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