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Styletech permanent adhesive vinyl pack includes 10 sheets of 300mm x 300mm mixed colours, giving you a choice for everything! This vinyl features a strong adhesive that allows designs to hold up in the dishwasher (up to 50 washes, top rack only) with broad-stroke fonts! Customise things like mugs, containers, jars, waterbottles, and more.

Styletech vinyls are softer than other calendared products and provide you with the highest gloss available. With lower shrinkage and better colour stability than other intermediate films, it gives you results that last up to 6-year durability in some colours.

This vinyl provides excellent cutting and weeding due to the balance of a specially formulated acrylic adhesive and a tighter formulated release liner. These features allow faster more reliable cutting, meaning your creative horizons are wider than ever!

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