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Save time and make vinyl weeding easier with the sharp tip and comfortable handle on this wedding tool. It makes even the most intricate and delicate weeding jobs easier, so you can craft more efficiently. It's ideal for use with a range of print and cut materials, such as paper, Heat Transfer Vinyl, and Pressure Sensitive Vinyl.

Plus, it's made from high-quality steel and anti-static rubber, meaning it's made to last. The durable stainless steel prevents bending and breakage when weeding designs, and can even be sharpened if necessary.

It can also be used in other craft and clean-up jobs!

Use it to clean crevices and crannies. Wrap a soft tissue around the tip of the weeding tool and run it carefully along the gaps in your keyboard, phone ports, divots, and more.

If you are a leather crafter, try this weeding tool for leather piercing. It's great for punching small holes in leather and mother materials, so you can make finer jewellery and more!

EasyWeed Electric HTV


Barcode: 8055060914011

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