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Durkee EZ Frames were created to assist you in embroidering objects that you may have avoided in the past. The Durkee EZ Combination Cap Frame allows you to embroider caps with ease.

Made of hard anodized aluminium with stainless steel brackets, this frame is extremely sturdy yet light in weight. It features grooves on each side of the frame for guidance so you can centre your projects perfectly. It is also labelled with its size right side up for easy identification.

Size: 5" x 7"
Suitable for: Brother single needle machines with a slide-on hoop. Not sure which style hoop your machine takes? Find out here →

Durkee EZ Frames must be used with sticky stabilizer, like Filmoplast. Simply place the Filmoplast on the back side of the frame and it will allow you to adhere your fabric/item to the frame.

This is ideal for items that cannot be hooped and best used with standard fabrics. Please use Filmoplast with caution on certain fabrics as it can damage the nap of the fabric. We recommend testing a small sample on your chosen fabric first. A floating stabilizer may also be required depending on the fabric you are using.

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