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Schmetz Universal Needles feature a slightly rounded point for use with a wide variety of fabrics like woven, knits, fleece, leather, chiffon, chambray, terry, linen, crepe, poplin, cord and so much more. They are an excellent general purpose needle that works with all household sewing machine brands.

Features: Slightly rounded point

Fabric use: Brocade, fleece, leather (thin), velvet, seersucker, batiste, chiffoen, organdy, organza, taffeta, chambray, terry, linen, crepe, poplin, voile, chenille, cord, felt, jacquard, calico, velour, wool/wool-mix, tulle, viscose, panne velvet, half-linen, lavable, nylon, loden

Quantity: Five (5) needles per card. 

Variety of sizes available.

Brand Schmetz
Products available
NE1052H Schmetz Universal Needles Size 100/16
NE1049H Schmetz Universal Needles Size 70/10
NE1050 Schmetz Universal Needles Size 80/12
NE1051H Schmetz Universal Needles Size 90/14
NE1054 Schmetz Universal Needles Assorted Sizes

Schmetz needles

By: jan on 28 September 2019
A good dependable needle

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