Make your thread delivery simple and easy with this height-adjustable 10 Spool Thread Stand. You won't need to change the thread on your machine as often with ten spool pins to hold thread of varying sizes. This wonderful product provides a vertical thread delivery, essentially giving you a smoother and more successful delivery of thread to your machine, while helping tame any difficult spools. 

Featuring silicon guides to keep your thread lubricated and top thread guides to control and direct it, achieving flawless results will be a breeze. 

This 10 Spool Thread Stand is an independent standalone product so you can use it with any machine, positioning it wherever you like (keeping out of distance from hoop). The heavy base will ensure that it is stable and won't tip over. 

10 Spool Thread Stand Features

Top Thread Guides

for control difficult threads.

Silicon Guides

to lubricate thread.

Tie-Off Threads

when not in use.

Secure Large Spools

with the included thread supporters.

Spool Pins

hold any size spool in place.

Thread Guide

to aid in directing the thread to your machine.

What's In The Box?

  • 1 x Thread stand
  • 2 x Silicon Guide Holders
  • 4 x Silicon Guides
  • 10 x Top Thread Guides
  • 10 x Spool Pins
  • 10 x Large Spool Caps
  • 10 x Small Spool Caps
  • 10 x Thread Supporters


Shipping Weight 1.1800kg