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The S.E.W Lint Roller Refills allows you to keep your clothes and fabrics free of lint, dust, hair, and other particles. It is a pack of 180 adhesive sheets that can be attached to a Lint Roller handle and used to roll over any surface that needs cleaning. The sheets are easy to peel off and dispose of after use, and they have a strong and sticky surface that can capture even the smallest particles.

These sheets are eco-friendly and biodegradable, as they are made from natural rubber and recycled paper. They are compatible with the S.E.W Lint Roller handle and various other branded lint rollers. Keep your clothes and fabrics looking fresh and neat!

  • 180 sheets (2 x 90 sheet refills)
  • Pre-cut diagonal sheets for easier peeling

Barcode: 9317385338989

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