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As the name suggests, Perla Premium has it all, with even more advanced digitizing tools, including a huge range of creative fill styles ... but it is the precision technology that puts Perla Premium in front.

For a beginner version take a look at Perla 2200s or intermediate Perla 8800s or download a trial version.

 Not sure which version of Perla would best suit your needs? Download a comparison chart


  • Reads and writes most popular machine formats - see comparison chart for a full list
  • Online help
  • Merge embroidery stock designs with lettering
  • 100 high quality embroidery fonts with auto kerning
  • Thread database and hoop library
  • Recipes: predefined styles for a variety of fabrics
  • enhanced redraw toolbar for sew-out previews
  • 3D view
  • Auto baste function
  • Print a production worksheet
  • Ghost tool

Lettering and monogramming tools

  • Single and multi-line text
  • Circle text
  • Vertical text
  • Monogramming
  • Resize, rotate, skew individual characters in a text segment
  • Kerning points for manual kerning adjustments
  • Envelopes to manipulate shapes of lettering
  • Truetype® font to satin conversion

Design Editing Tools

  • Outline editing
  • Lasso select tool
  • Resize, rotate and move
  • Stitch editing
  • Group stitch editing
  • Sequence view (resequence segments using drag and drop)
  • Automatic underlay
  • Start/stop lock stitch (segment level)
  • Reflect/mirror text
  • Reflect/mirror designs
  • Alignment tools (align horizontally and vertically at the same time)
  • Change density - entire design
  • Power paste
  • Segment properties (text): density and underlay
  • Segment properties (non-trext): density, underlay and pull compensation
  • Segment properties: connection end
  • Segment properties: start/end lock stitches
  • Remove overlap stitches (combine)

Digitizing Tools

  • Run stitches: single, double and bean
  • Run settings: stitch length and run distance
  • Satin path - Satin run (steil)
  • Complex fill with holes - add hole to existing fill (by combine) - add hole to existing fill (tool)
  • Cross stitch wizard - cross stitch - applique

Spectacular stitch effects

  • Run motifs
  • Column: contour stitch - colour blend - spiral - gradient - fancy - radial
  • Fills: fancy - motif - gradient - colour blend - wave gradient - wave colour blend fill
  • Quick Picks
  • Button holes
  • Photo-stitch wizard
  • Embossing
  • Distortion tool
  • Auto stipple

Artwork and image support

  • Custom shapes for conversion to stitch types
  • Load backdrop image (reads all popular bitmap formats)
  • Autotrace an image and assign a stitch type in a single step
  • Import vector artwork (AI version 7, EMF, WMF)
  • Slice tool
  • Convert to any stitch types
  • Import truetype artwork
  • Transform artwork: unite, intersect, exclude, clip

Automated features

  • Auto breakup
  • Optimize sequence
  • Optimize entry/exit
  • Auto colour sort
  • Auto digitizing wizard
  • Split design wizard
  • Template tool 
  • Circle template tool
  • Auto artwork wizard
  • Name drops

Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, & Windows 7

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