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This more advanced version of Perla has all that the Perla 2200s offers plus a whole lot more, including an advanced array of digitizing tools, 50 additional professional fonts, applique tools and a cross stitch wizard.

Preloaded with 600 professional designs and packaged with two exclusive training DVDs by industry expert, John Deer of Adorable Ideas Perla 8800s is a perfect starting point for anyone wishing to explore the world of embroidery digitizing.

For more advanced digitizing software take a look at Perla Premium or download a trial version. 

 Not sure which version of Perla would best suit your needs? Download a comparison chart


  • Lettering & Monogramming: Single & Multiple Line Text - Circle Text - Monogram Lettering
  • Fonts: 100 Expertly Digitized Lettering Fonts - 10 Monogram Fonts with Built-?Éin Decorations 
  • Digitizing Tools: Load Background Image - Auto Trace Background Image - Convert to Supported Stitch Types 
  • Draw Tools: Straight, Bezier, Freehand 
  • Run: Single, Double, Bean, Motif and Satin Path 
  • Complex Fill: Fancy, Motif, Wave and Applique with Satin, Blanket, & Motif Stitches and Power Paste 
  • Templates: Designs repeated along a path and Circle Template 
  • Automated Wizards: Auto Digitizing Wizard - Cross Stitch Wizard - Split Wizard 
  • Editing Functions: Merge Designs - Group/Ungroup - Resize, Rotate, Flip - Optimize Entry/Exit Points - Optimize Sequence - Color Sort - Auto Baste - Shape Outlines - Stitch Edit 
  • Supporting Features: Sequence View - Hoop Display Plus Create Your Own - Change Background Color/Fabric 
  • Display: Grid - Stitch Points - 3D View - Stitch Simulator - Print Design Worksheet 
  • PLUS: 645 Free Designs
  • Compatible with Windows XP, Vista, & Windows 7

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