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Shine on with the release of Peppermint Issue 60! 


  • Splash into summer with the Peppermint Bronte Bathers (included as a print-out!)
  • Making peace with our bodies through life drawing
  • Say g’day to cover artist Luke John Matthew Arnold
  • Gaze into fashion’s future with Clare Press
  • One man’s mission to save the sea lion
  • A lifetime of twists, turns and lessons learned
  • What are we talking about when we talk about wealth?
  • Behind the work of Ethical Clothing Australia
  • A beginner’s guide to food and wine pairing
  • Dear reader, love from your psychologist
  • Carly Findlay rewrites disability representation
  • Wakame hunting with Southern Seagreens
  • Get stitchy with our summery DIY challenge
  • Fabric dreams do come true at Weft and Warp
  • Breast in show: a brief history of the bra
  • The Pink Ladies of Pinky’s
  • Kon Karapanagiotidis invites you to take a seat

Barcode: 9771836657010

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