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Come out and play… Peppermint Issue 58 is here to make your day!

Shake off the winter blues and put on your dancing shoes – the latest issue of Peppermint is jam-packed with all the goodness you know and love! Plus you’ll find discounts and giveaways galore, a bevy of beautiful reads and, of course, a brand spanking new pattern!


  • Slip into something more comfortable with the Peppermint Rozelle Slip (included as a print-out!)
  • Alex Light explains why ‘fat’ is not a bad word
  • Our editor learns how to sew
  • Bethany Cordwell on Beyoncé and fashion as art
  • Walking in the Tarkine with Bob Brown
  • The future of wellness beyond bee-venom and CBD-infused leggings
  • Class of 2023: The Australian animals back from the brink
  • Nirrimi Firebrace explores creativity and AI
  • Reframing activism from a place of abundance
  • Retail done differently 
  • Sue-Ching Lascelles embraces her inner child
  • Going green beyond the grave
  • Playing pick-up-sticks with Cardigang
  • What can we learn from the pleasures of leisure?
  • Keep your swag safe with a sweet bag DIY
  • Championing seasonal, plant-based cooking is easy as pie

Barcode: 9771836657010

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