Echidna Trade-In Guarantee 


Contact us or call 1800 000 360 to see what your machine is worth as a trade-in.


  • Do you have a machine you would like to trade-in? ... YES!
  • Do you want a fair market value? ... YES!
  • Too much trouble to sell it privately? ... YES!
  • Need a quick trade-in?... YES!


With modern technology advancing so rapidly, fewer and fewer stores are willing to accept trade-ins. At Echidna Sewing Products we understand the trade-in market and can help you trade in your existing machine for a brand new Brother model.


View our current trade-in machines for sale.


Fair Market Trade-in Guarantee!


We'll give you a guaranteed up-front trade-in value for any make or model of machine.


Simply call us to find out what trade-in options are available on 1800 000 360.