Echidna Trade-In Guarantee 


Contact us or call 1800 000 360 to see what your machine is worth as a trade-in.


  • Do you have a machine you would like to trade-in? ... YES!
  • Do you want a fair market value? ... YES!
  • Too much trouble to sell it privately? ... YES!
  • Need a quick trade-in?... YES!


With modern technology advancing so rapidly, fewer and fewer stores are willing to accept trade-ins. At Echidna Sewing Products we understand the trade-in market and can help you trade in your existing machine for a brand new Brother model.


View our current trade-in machines for sale.


Fair Market Trade-in Guarantee!


We'll give you a guaranteed up-front trade-in value for any make or model of machine.


Simply call us to find out what trade-in options are available on 1800 000 360. 




Echidna Trade-In Assistance


If you would like to upgrade to a brand new sewing or embroidery machine with Echidna Sewing but would rather sell your machine privately, then we can help you!


Simply call us to upgrade to a brand new sewing or embroidery machine and we will send you a 'Trade-In Assistance Certificate' to go with your old machine. This certificate entitles the new owner to a package of accessories and consumables, including everything they need to get started.


This certificate will come with your new sewing or embroidery machine and will help you sell your old machine for a better market price.


For more information about the Trade-in Assistance terms and conditions please contact us on 1800 000 360 or complete and submit the form below and we will contact you.