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When inserting a needle into your industrial or multi-needle machine, it can be a little bit fiddly. It's important to align the eye of the needle correctly. This needle positioning magnet is the perfect tool to assist you in successfully aligning the eye of your needle without difficulty.

When inserting your needle, ensure it is inserted all the way up and positioned so that the scarf is at the back and the long/front groove is visible from the front. This applies to any multi-needle embroidery machine that uses a round shank needle.

When placing this magnet on the front of your needle after insertion, it should be pointing at or very near 11.30 to 12 o'clock. If the magnet points to any other angle, this indicates that the needle is inserted incorrectly and may result in missed stitches, thread breaks, needle breaks, and potential rotary hook damage. Please see image to the right for reference.

View the product brochure for instructions explaining how to use this needle positioning magnet and how to recognize whether your needle is inserted correctly.

Needle Positioning Magnet Clock Technique

Keep away from children.

This is a rare earth magnet and if swallowed or ingested, can cause serious injury or even death.

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