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Are you wishing for quick, easy and efficient hooping? The Maggie Magnetic Hoops will save you time, frustration, and any strain on your wrists when hooping. They will not only make your hooping process a breeze but also help you achieve flawless embroidery. 

Please note: You will receive the Maggie Magnetic Hoop itself in your chosen size, with its respective brackets. Minor assembly is required when you receive this product.

These frames are only suitable for the Halo machine. If you own a PR or PRS machine, you can view the relevant products here →


Hold fabric firmly

With a strong magnetic force and firm grip, these hoops keep your fabric taut. They create a beautiful, even tension on your fabric providing a perfect canvas for your embroidery. 

Can hold thicker fabric/garments

Hoop a huge variety of fabric and garments. These Maggie Magnetic Hoops can hold much thicker fabric than a traditional hoop.  

More efficient

You'll save time with the quick and easy hooping process using these magnetic frames. Secure your fabric ready for embroidering in just a few seconds!

Suitable for the Halo-100 12 Needle Embroidery Machine.

Important Safety Information

Personal Safety

Pacemaker Warning: Strong magnets can interfere with medical devices such as pacemakers. We do not recommend this product be operated by anyone with a pacemaker device.

Pinch Hazard

These frames use very powerful magnets and are a pinch hazard. Be careful not to get your fingers caught between the frames when hooping.

Equipment Safety

Electronics: These frames are tested to work on Brother PR Series machines, however care should be taken around other electronic devices. Strong magnets can damage sensitive electronics such as computer hard drives and may also be detrimental to credit cards etc. Avoid close contact.

Needle or Presser Foot Strike

To avoid a needle and presser foot strike on the frame, ensure you select the correct size hoop on your machine to allow it to automatically detect the embroidery field.

We also strongly recommend using the built-in Design Trace function on your machine to avoid any potential needle or foot strike. Remember, if you move the start point of your design after checking the position, you should recheck using the trace function.

Compatible with:
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Products available
EHOOPMAG95x95HALO 95mm x 95mm Magnetic Maggie Halo Hoop
EHOOPMAG130x130HALO 130mm x 130mm Magnetic Maggie Halo Hoop
EHOOPMAG165x165HALO 165mm x 165mm Magnetic Maggie Halo Hoop
EHOOPMAG180x180HALO 180mm x 180mm Magnetic Maggie Halo Hoop
EHOOPMAG195x70HALO 195mm x 70mm Magnetic Maggie Halo Hoop
EHOOPMAG155x205HALO 155mm x 205mm Magnetic Maggie Halo Hoop
EHOOPMAG240x240HALO 240mm x 240mm Magnetic Maggie Halo Hoop
EHOOPMAG320x200HALO 320mm x 200mm Magnetic Maggie Halo Hoop

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