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Are you looking for a way to embroider on shoes, inner pockets, collars, cuffs, belts, and other smaller areas that are hard to reach with a traditional frame? This Brother Left & Right Clamp Frame Set is just what you need! This set includes two clamp frames for PR machines, one for the left side and one for the right side of the item you want to embroider, and an Arm (D). The clamp frames are designed to hold and stabilize the item securely, while allowing you to embroider a generous area of 45mm x 24mm (1.8" x 0.9"). They are easy to attach and release, and are compatible with PR series machines. The Arm (D) is used to position the clamp frames correctly on your machine.

Use to embroider shoes when size is greater than 27 cm (US9/UK8/EUR42).

Embroidery Area: 45mm x 24mm (1.8" x 0.9")


  • Left Clamp Frame SL
  • Right Clamp Frame SR
  • Embroidery Arm Holder D


Barcode: 4977766736206

Compatible with:
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