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The Juki Lower Blade is a vital consumable item for maintaining the peak performance of your Juki overlock sewing machines; MO-1000, MO-2000, and MO-2800!

Key Features:

Restore Cutting Efficiency: Over time, the lower blade of an overlock machine can wear out due to regular use. The Juki Lower Blade is designed to replace the worn-out blade, ensuring a sharp and precise cutting edge for seamless fabric trimming.

DIY Replacement: You don't need to be a sewing machine expert to install the lower blade. This user-friendly consumable item can be conveniently changed at home by the consumer, saving you time and money on professional servicing.

Keep your Juki overlocker operating at its best with the Juki Lower Blade. Don't let worn-out blades impede your sewing projects - replace them easily at home and experience the joy of smooth, professional-quality results!

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