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The Juki Upper Blade is a vital consumable item that ensures peak performance for your Juki overlock sewing machines; MO-1000, MO-2000QVP, and MO-2800!

Key Features:

  1. Restore Cutting Precision: The upper blade in an overlock sewing machine can wear out over time due to frequent use. The Juki Upper Blade is designed to replace the worn blade, providing a sharp and accurate cutting edge for flawless fabric trimming.

  2. DIY Replacement: You don't need to be an expert to install the upper blade. This user-friendly consumable item can be easily replaced at home, saving you time and money on professional servicing.

  3. Perfect Fit for Juki Models: The Juki Upper Blade is specifically engineered to fit Juki MO-1000, MO-2000QVP, and MO-2800 models precisely. Its seamless compatibility ensures reliable and consistent sewing performance.

Maintain the exceptional performance of your Juki overlocker with the Juki Upper Blade. Say goodbye to worn-out blades hindering your sewing projects - effortlessly replace them at home and relish the joy of smooth, professional-quality results!

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