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Brother Piping Foot – suitable for all 7 mm machines. Create custom piping.

The grooves on the foot hold the piping in place as you sew.

Designed for more accurate placement of piping and suitable for a range of piping widths up to 6 mm.

Download a PDF instruction sheet

Barcode: 4977766711593

Brother Piping Foot

By: Rosemary on 12 May 2022
I am so happy with this piping foot, it is perfect for my sewing needs. The service was also excellent from Echidna Sewing. Thank you!

Brother piping foot

By: JENNIFER on 26 March 2022
This foot made applying 6ml piping an absolute snack. I’ve always used a zipper foot for this job but I’ve never achieved a perfect result. The dedicated piping foot holds everything in place beautifully as you stitch , even going around corners. If you want perfect piping in your sewing projects I highly recommend getting this foot.

Much better than using the zipper foot

By: Rachael on 26 March 2021
Although you are limited in the size of piping you can do (no more than 6 mm), this foot makes it so much easier for neat, precise piping right up close to the cord, as well as handy written instructions on how to use the foot to apply the piping to the fabric once sewn. Wish I had gotten one earlier.

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