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This Generic Feet Set includes 13 different feet so you can explore and create a variety of projects.

Generic Brand - Narrow Foot 7mm Models
Create a flat, narrow hem on lightweight fabrics using this generic 7mm Narrow Hem Foot. It is a snap-on foot designed to automatically fold and sew a hem, so you can complete your projects with a professional finish.

Generic Brand - Double Piping/Welting Foot
Create a unique and tailored look using the Double Piping Foot, perfect for upholstery projects.

Generic Brand - Magnetic Sewing Guide
Attach this Magnetic Sewing Guide to your machine to achieve perfectly accurate seam allowances. Ensure your projects have evenly stitched seams by positioning your magnetic guide on your machine's metal throat plate, with the straight edge parallel to the presser foot.

Generic Brand - Roller Foot 5mm & 7mm Models
The Roller Foot provides more accurate and consistent sewing and is convenient for sewing specialty fabrics such as vinyl, leather and elasticized material.

Generic Brand - 1/4 Inch Piecing Foot with Guide Suitable for all Models
The 1/4" quilting foot has accurate reference marks on 3 sides of the foot to help you form perfect 1/4'" seams and turn corners.

Generic Brand - Straight Stitch Foot 7mm Models
The 7mm Straight Stitch foot is designed for straight stitch applications on fine or light weight fabrics. The single needle hole prevents fine fabrics from getting caught in the feed dogs and allows you to achieve a more accurate and consistent feed, resulting in a higher quality straight stitch. 

Generic Brand - Adjustable Zipper/Piping Foot Suitable for all Models
Attach zippers and pipings easily. The foot position can be adjusted exactly on the edge of zipper/piping, avoiding the non-flat parts of zipper/piping, and presses the fabric with just right pressure.

Generic Brand  - Cording Foot 5mm & 7mm Models
Use the generic Cording Foot for embellishing 1 to 3 cords, or decorative threads. It is perfect for couching and adding decorative detail to your projects, such as clothing or household items.

Generic Brand - Blind Stitch Foot 7mm Models
Create blind hems on a variety of fabrics, using the adjustable guide on this presser foot. Works well for edge stitching, attaching lace, and fabric edge joining. This is great for both embellishing and utility use.

Generic Brand  - Gathering Foot Suitable for all Models
Used for gathering fabrics. Ideal for clothing as well as home decor. Works best on thin to medium weight fabrics.

Generic Brand - Concealed Zipper Foot Suitable for all Models
This foot allows you to install concealed (invisible) zippers easily. 

Generic Brand - Free-motion Darning Foot
An extremely versatile sewing accessory, the Embroidery and Darning Foot can be used for free-motion embroidery, stipple quilting, monograms, thread painting or even repairing holes and tears. 

Generic Brand - Clear Open Toe Foot 7mm Models
Ideal for securing edges of appliqué, sewing curves, topstitching, etc.

Barcode: 7427270361113

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