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This handy needle organiser pad made of neoprene is sure to become a favourite accessory to keep beside your machine. Organise your needles neatly for easy access by sorting them into types and sizes and store your craft pins.

This needle organiser pad features a table with needle types and sizes for you to store your needles accordingly. Whenever you remove a needle from your machine to replace it with another type, simply locate the square that matches the needle you have removed and poke the needle into the square. When you need to pop the needle back into the machine, you will know where it is and what type it is! The most common sizes are highlighted in pink.

Use the little Echidna character down the bottom to store additional pins. 

Length: 29 cms | Width: 12 cms | Thickness: 4mm

Suitable to use with all brands of machine needles. 

Note: Needles and pins pictured are not included


By: Glenys on 4 January 2024
I previously gave this needle organiser a 3 star rating. After trying to use it for a year or so, I need to downgrade it. The premise is sound , the fabric to is horrible to try and put needles in. I’ve gone back to my homemade felt pad with the names written on tape in my grids. I am admitting defeat on this one and filing it in the bin

Needle organiser

By: Glenys on 5 March 2023
The organisation of how its set is fabulous, the neoprene fabric top makes it hard to put the needles in. So for me it’s 50/ 50. I really want to love it, but I wish the printed fabric was easier to stick the needles in.

Looking for these for a while.

By: Rachael on 22 September 2022
Very handy to help you keep track of your needles. Hard to find a needle pad inside Australia.

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