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Ideal for holding fabric while sewing or pressing. There is a grippy tip for holding fabric, and an angled tip for good reach and visibility. The heat-resistant silicone tip is for working near the iron while pressing. A must-have in all sewing rooms.

Barcode: 051221778070

Like having an extra finger!

By: Deb on 29 April 2024
Years ago I ran over my finger while I was trying to push fabric under the presser foot of my great grandmother's old Lemair Helvetia. This is the perfect little tool to avoid stitching through your finger! It's nice and grippy on the rubber end and helps keep your seam intersections flat as you sew over them. Bonus: it also fits into a self-adhesive pen holder on the front of my machine, so it's always handy while I'm stitching. I highly recommend this product.

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