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Brother 2023 Lineup

Brother 2023 Lineup

We’re thrilled to share the brand-new 2023 sewing, embroidery, and quilting machines from Brother Australia. Featuring innovative technology, ground-breaking capabilities, and fantastic accessories, this cutting–edge range will help you reach new creative heights.

Brother M370
Sewing & Embroidery

Combining the abilities of a sewing, quilting and embroidery machine, the Brother Innov-is M370 is the ideal machine for all hobbyists, from beginners to advanced. Jam-packed with fantastic features at an affordable price, you'll love how easy this machine is to use.

Easily embroider and customise your projects with various built-in stitches and embroidery designs. Use features like advanced needle threading, wireless capability, on-screen editing, and more, to create works of art effortlessly. And, despite it's sturdy, built-to-last body, the M370 is an excellent, portable machine that is perfect for taking to classes!

Echidna Sewing Brother M370 Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Exclusive to Echidna Sewing in Australia

Echidna Sewing Brother M380D Sewing & Embroidery Machine with Disney

Brother M380D
Sewing & Embroidery with Disney

With the power of three: sewing, quilting and embroidery, the Brother Innov-is M380D also gives you addition of Disney! Offering a wealth of cutting-edge capabilities, this machine is easy-to-use. affordable, and no matter your level of expertise, crafting on the M380D is sure to be a dream!

Add magic to your projects with a range of built-in designs, decorative stitches, lettering fonts and more. Compact and portable, this machine is perfect for working at home, in a classroom, or while travelling.

Brother F540E
Embroidery Only

The Brother F540E is a fantastic machine for expressing all of your creativity thanks to its user-friendly technology, variety of customisable functionalities, and built-in designs. Create all of your projects in no time!

Make larger projects with more intricate designs using the 5" x 7" hoop. Produce unique creations by adding more colour, monograms and taking advantage of the built-fonts and designs. With the F540E, the possibilities are endless!

Echidna Sewing Brother F540E Embroidery Only Machine

Exclusive to Echidna Sewing in Australia

Echidna Sewing Brother Luminaire XP3 Sewing & Embroidery Machine

Brother Luminaire XP3
Sewing & Embroidery

Ahead of its time, the Brother Luminaire XP3 offers world-first cutting-edge technology, unlimited creative functions, and a library of built-in designs & fonts. Featuring all the capabilities of the Luminaire 2, the XP3 boasts even more advanced technology to expand your creative freedom a level further.

With the ability to preview your stitches, scan your embroidery area, create data from illustrations, tackle larger projects, and plenty more, you'll never want to leave your craft room!

Brother Airflow 3000

With a speed of up to 1,300 stitches per minute, the modern Brother Airflow 3000 Overlocker machine allows you to achieve brilliant finishes with overlock, flatlock, and rolled hem stitches on most specialty fabrics. Even challenging materials like stretch and fine knits!

Watch as your machine air blasts the threads through the loopers in no time, with just the press of a button. It can cut and finish your seams all in one go, and you'll experience flawless, efficient overlocking as you've always desired. This versatile machine is fantastic for both advanced sewists and beginners.

Echidna Sewing Brother Airflow 3000 Overlocker

New Accessories

Echidna Sewing Brother XP Upgrade Premium Pack 3

Brother XP Upgrade Premium Pack 3
For Luminaire XP1 & XP2 machines

Exploding with fabulous new features like edge to edge quilting, long stitch patterns, no sew setting, stitch tapering functions, yarn couching, and more, the Brother XP Upgrade Kit 3 will elevate your skills. Take your sewing, embroidery, and quilting game to the next level with the latest and great capabilities for your Luminaire XP machine.

New Apps


With Brother's cloud-based design platform, Artspira, you can explore a universe of creative expression. You have everything you need to create in the palm of your hand, on your mobile device! Explore the latest trends, designs, projects, and customise your own designs. All are easily transferrable to your Brother Wi-Fi enabled machine.

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