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This book, published by Brother has 6 'In-the-hoop' projects created entirely in My Design Center on the machine. The book takes you step by step through creating the designs (including the files) and how to stitch out the designs.

Projects include an 'In-the-hoop' zippered bag, door hanger, table mat and more. Once you know the steps and are comfortable working in My Design Center you can create any size or shape of these projects.

The projects featured in this book have been created using the Brother Dream Machine however can be applied to any machine that features My Design Center.

Barcode: 012502652762

Embroidery Garden Book

By: Judy on 12 October 2022
I have found this book fabulous and soooooo helpful. In the few days since I received it I have made four of the projects. In the past I have struggled with My Design Centre of my wonderful Dream-maker machine. But the instructions are easy to follow and exactly what I needed. Thank you Judy FIVE STAR RATING

Brother Embroidery Garden Project using My Design

By: Patricia on 23 February 2022
I have read through the book, and I have worked through the zipper pouch project in My Design Centre on the Stellaire XE1 following the instructions and have saved the project to stitch out which I have yet to do. I am yet to set up and do the other two projects. I am finding I am learning more about My Design Centre by doing projects and having the instruction book to follow.

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