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Professional digitizer, Lindee Goodall, has created this lovely dragon design and stitched it using SoftLight threads.

The design is shown in SoftLight Metallic thread, which is a true 40 wt thread. Rayon or polyester thread may be substituted.

Although this design has 8 colors, it has multiple repeats for layering and optimizing registration. Color-sorting is NOT recommended.

This is a large design (140.7 x 237 mm) and resizing may alter the special stitch effects used to create the details in this design. It is currently available as a single design and is not part of a collection.

Formats include: DST, EXP, HUS, JEF, PES, VIP3 and ART.

For best results, make sure fabric is securely hooped and stabilized to reduce slippage and distortion. The above image is a sewn version of this design.

Color Sequence:

1: Fire, claws—Traditional Gold (SoftLight SLM044); 1132 st. 5.5 yd
2: Fire detail—Golden Red (SoftLight SLM016); 226 st. 1.9 yd
3: Feet—Pale Lime (SoftLight SLM027); 1190 st. 6.8 yd
4: Light scales, forward leg—Lemony Lime (Hemingworth 1099); 621 st. 3.8 yd
5: Belly, chest—Lemon Ice (SoftLight SLM020); 958 st. 5.7 yd
6: Main body—Pale Lime (SoftLight SLM027); 14885 st. 47.7 yd
7: Fire, claws—Traditional Gold (SoftLight SLM044); 537 st. 3.1 yd
8: Fire detail—Golden Red (SoftLight SLM016); 137 st. 1.3 yd
9: Front fore leg—Pale Lime (SoftLight SLM027); 1958 st. 10.4 yd
10: Light scales, right fore leg—Lemony Lime (Hemingworth 1099); 658 st. 3.7 yd
11: Scale detail, body—Lemon Ice (SoftLight SLM020); 1534 st. 8.8 yd
12: Scale detail edging—Lemony Lime (Hemingworth 1099); 4068 st. 15.8 yd
13: Fire, claws, tail—Traditional Gold (SoftLight SLM044); 2936 st. 12.2 yd
14: Fire Detail—Golden Red (SoftLight SLM016); 783 st. 3.6 yd
15: Rear leg—Pale Lime (SoftLight SLM027); 1840 st. 10.8 yd
16: Light scales, rear leg—Lemony Lime (Hemingworth 1099); 603 st. 3.4 yd
17: Spine plates, tongue, nostrils—Strawberry Red (SoftLight SLM041); 3086 st. 18.8 yd
18: Teeth, eyes—Pure White (Hemingworth 1001); 424 st. 2.6 yd
19: Fire, face/head—Traditional Gold (SoftLight SLM044); 802 st. 5.0 yd
20: Top of head—Pale Lime (SoftLight SLM027); 1291 st. 6.8 yd
21: Fire, face/head—Traditional Gold (SoftLight SLM044); 4642 st. 22.5 yd
22: Fire detail—Golden Red (SoftLight SLM016); 1013 st. 5.1 yd
23: Head details—Pale Lime (SoftLight SLM027); 1508 st. 7.4 yd
24: Eye Detail —Strawberry Red (SoftLight SLM041); 109 st. 1.1 yd
25: Eyebrow—Strawberry Red (SoftLight SLM041); 140 st. 1.5 yd

SKU: LGE-Z0001

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