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With the Tubular Frame Table, you can easily embroider narrow garments such as sleeves, pants and other tubular items. Designed with a long shape made for embroidering cylindrical items, it extends and features a stabilizing pop out for maximum support. This frame table also serves as extra support for big fabrics and easily folds flat for storage when not in use. Expand your creative possibilities and add this gadget to your stash!

  • Embroider bags and cylindrical/tubular items
  • Includes one Tubular Frame Table (Easy to attach)
  • Table is extendable with stabilizing pop out

Barcode: 4977766804417

Compatible with:
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Tubular Frame Table for PR Series

By: Linda on 4 February 2023
Great product especially good for hooped shirts and pillowcases (No more unpicking seams)

Game Changer

By: Simone on 17 December 2022
Tubular frame table is fantastic so easy to do long items with , the extra support is giving better embroidery on bags and the bulky items .Very easy to attach it and remove it. with in seconds its done

Tubular frame

By: Tracey on 8 September 2022
Purchased this for a stability device for my magnetic hoops, do yourself a favour and invest !! The best investment yet, it stops the weight of the hoop dragging the embroidery arm down, I'll probably never use it for its intended purpose !

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