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Say goodbye to unravelling!

Thread Spool Huggers are thread organisers that prevent thread tails from unwinding and losing tension, ensuring that you never end up with a tangled mass of threads. They are flexible, reusable and designed to last so you can keep your threads neat, tidy and under control. 

These handy notions are suitable for any spool diameter and can be used with all brands of home sewing, quilting and embroidery threads. They really are a lifesaver for anyone who loves to sew, quilt or embroider and is always using threads. They are simple and easy to attach to your spools and also come available in multiple colours, so your thread stash will be even more bright and colourful.

  • Includes 12 pieces in different colours

Spool huggers for my embroidery threads

By: Carol-Anne on 10 May 2023
I love these thread huggers they help keep the threads neat and tidy I use them for my embroidery spools as the fine threads unravel from spool easily

spool huggers

By: Cheryl on 10 November 2022
Novelty value, I use them but must be mindful to keep the bobbin and thread together

Thread Spool Huggers

By: Patricia on 3 May 2022
After reading other reviews of the product and thought this is what I need to see if it will help keep my spools of thread tidy. They are great! spools of thread are now nice and tidy. Will be getting more of these.

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