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Do you want to embroider on items that are difficult to hoop, such as shoes, gloves, pockets, or backpacks? The Brother Straight Clamp Frame Set is exactly what you need! This set includes a Straight Clamp Frame S and Arm (D) for PR machines.

The clamp frame is designed to hold and stabilize various types of items that cannot be hooped in a traditional frame. It is ideal for embroidering on the tongue of a shoe or hard to manipulate areas of items. The frame has a generous embroidery area of 45mm x 24mm (1.8" x 0.9") and is easy to attach and release. Use the Arm (D) to position the clamp frame correctly on your PR machine. Create stunning embroidery on items that were previously impossible to hoop with this fabulous clamp frame.

Embroidery Area: 45mm x 24mm (1.8" x 0.9")


  • Embroidery Arm Holder D
  • Clamp Frame S

Please make sure your machine has the latest Brother Machine Update to be compatible with these frames.

Barcode: 4977766729949

Compatible with:
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